General advice about changing careers

Advice on alternative careers: Part 1
After eight years in medicine a doctor told me recently he'd come to the conclusion that medicine wasn't for him. He wondered if he'd wasted all this time or whether there was a career where all his experience in medicine would prove More

Advice on alternative careers: Part 2

Our personalities probably influence our career choices, starting with introversion and extroversion. How might this be relevant for doctors and their career options?
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Leaving the Bedside: The Search for a Nonclinical Medical Career

Careers in transition - your career in transition?

I'd been quite disillusioned with medicine before MMC and can see things getting worse and worse.' 'I haven't found my niche.' 'I went into medicine because my family were in medicine but I haven't really enjoyed it.' 'For a few years now I've been thinking of alternative careers.' 'I'm not convinced medicine is for me.' 'I got propelled into medicine from school.' 'The NHS is so disrespectful.' More

Changing Careers - a guide for doctors: five golden rules

You may have gone into medicine because your family or your school encouraged you to, rather than because it was what you really wanted to do. You may have gone into medicine because you wanted to but now feel disillusioned with working in the NHS. You may have had doubts about working in medicine but decided to stick it out until MTAS came along and turned everything upside down. If so, you're probably now thinking of changing careers. If so, here are five guidelines to help you along the way. More

The career-changing doctorMany doctors feel 'trapped' in their jobs by expectations from their colleagues, families and friends. However, perhaps the strongest 'trap' is that of one's expectations of oneself - giving up a respected role in society, pride in one's achievements - and the fear of having 'failed' in medicine and/or not having the skills to do other work. As a trained medical practitioner you have some of the most highly 'transferable' skills sought after in business and commerce. Your medical degree connotes hard-work, professionalism, education, intelligence, wisdom and More

Making healthy career transitions and choices
Do you have a healthy career? If you are confronted with a transition you did not initiate, will you thrive? Most professionals will change direction several times during their career, or even transform their careers completely. More

The physician's alternative career transition model: a stepwise approachAs a result of this era of intense focus on marketplace reform, increased governmental regulation of medical practice, the corporatization of health care, and an increasingly litigious society, some physicians are finding themselves in an unfamiliar--and often unfriendly-environment. This has, in turn, stimulated a reassessment of career planning options for some physicians.
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Re-evaluating physician career paths
There’s a 1998 survey by Levin of 6000 physicians in 22 different cities that revealed that 46 percent of all American clinicians often think about leaving clinical practice.
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When clinical practice isn’t enough, some physicians find new careers
The job market for ex-clinicians is brisk-if you have the right stuff.ACP-ASIM Observer 2001 ......Read More

Taking your medical degree in a new direction
If you're thinking about leaving your practice, you can still put your skills to good use.
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Stuck midstream? Change horses
Don't strand yourself in less-than-satisfying work. Figure out what makes your heart sing—and go for it.
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A blueprint for career change when you don't know what you want to do

What do you do when you are unhappy with your job but aren't sure what you want to do
next? This is a mind-boggling question for anyone. But especially for physicians, who have invested so much of their time, money and effort to get where they are and, consequently, have so much at risk in making career changes. If you find yourself in this situation, there is a three-step process to help you out of this dilemma. The steps are challenging but doable. They provide a road-tested method that has helped many physicians find their way to satisfying work.
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A rational approach to career change

Pursuing a different career after many years of studying and practicing medicine can seem like an overwhelming task. In this article, the author briefly outlines a decision-making process that
can be used in analyzing career options and suggests some careers that have provided challenging opportunities for physicians.
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14 alternative practice styles
Perhaps the road less travelled is the right career path for you. Here are more than a dozen ideas to get you started. More

The doctor is out
More and more doctors are trying new professions and finding life less stressful.Boston Globe 2000......Read More